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  JohnnyBlessed a écrit, le 15/11/04 04:18:21 :
  ...ça super...!!! très interessant... super cool... I loved it...
  zax a écrit, le 12/11/04 11:45:57 :
  e kad na dobroj ribi vidis dobru tatoo ne mozes a da je ne pozelis (when you see good tatoo on beautiful gerle simply can't resist not to desire her) [email protected]
  Luis a écrit, le 06/11/04 20:47:27 :
  Shocking site, incredible combination of beauty and eroticism.
  zebdiggler a écrit, le 29/10/04 04:28:29 :
  stunning pics, you are goregeous, i am in love with you, thank you louva
  jonny rainbow a écrit, le 26/10/04 23:54:32 :
  Simply beautiful! I think I am in love.
  garth a écrit, le 08/09/04 12:10:13 :
  tattoo artist - South Africa..... wow amazing....would love to have you beneath my needle. beautiful photos. Thanx
  olyve a écrit, le 05/09/04 15:38:37 :
  louva,je t'ai découvert sur un magasine de tatouages et je dois avouer que tu m'as ébahit.Tu donnait ton adresse j'ai donc visité ton site : trés beau mais je regrette de n'avoir pas trouvé les photos de ce mag.(je n'ai pu le garder mes camarades de cellule se seraient sentits seuls).un baiser.
  Ohm a écrit, le 30/08/04 18:29:51 :
  Stunning images......beautiful style..* Amazing personality and body....* To a model from a model....* *Ohm*
  keithanthony a écrit, le 01/08/04 10:51:22 :
  Hi great work to send me off. i'm just boarding my Jupiter probe and i am sure that You shall give my rockets an extra boost to get me on my way to the big red planet. I know i won't return home, it's a one way trip for me and mankind but nevertheless when mine run out at least i know You'll still have Your own motors on full power!
  Vesper a écrit, le 26/07/04 11:32:13 :
  that is a marvellous site :D feel welcome to visit our girls @ www.devilangels.goth-city.com greets from the whole goth-city.com team!!! if you'd ever feel like wanting some promoting job in Poland - LET US KNOW! :D

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