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  fran a écrit, le 22/09/03 20:38:47 :
  love your pics in marquis especially in the dvds, you are just so sexy
  michael a écrit, le 22/09/03 06:56:48 :
  Louva, you are simply hipnotic, I was addicted from the first pic "wow" Heaven is Louva !!
  Infoaboutdkellymarsalis a écrit, le 18/09/03 05:49:43 :
  D Kelly Marsalis was recently featured on Fox News as "LA's Most Notorious Internet Con Man." Please check our site if you have had interaction with him. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/info_about_d_kelly_marsalis/
  Max Brandt a écrit, le 11/09/03 00:03:36 :
  Hi Louva- Wow! The free pics are awesome, you are awesome, great site! I first laid eyes on you in the latest issue of Marqis mag and I just had to see more of you. You are are sexiest Fetish model yet! All hale the Queen of Erotic Domina! Spank me, please! Keep up the fantastic work! Max- [email protected]
    Kim a écrit, le 25/08/03 00:32:50 :
    Dear Louva, You are absolutely amazing looking and the few pictures that I have seen are spectacular. If you are ever in London I would like to invite you to come along to Club RUB as my guest. Love Kim [email protected] www.club-rub.com
  D.Kelly Marsalis a écrit, le 25/08/03 00:26:18 :
    I just think that Luva is one of the world's great and powerful fetish models! The site is very compelling and there is no doubt that she is the Queen of Erotic Domina! D.Kelly Marsalis Producer-Penthouse Magazine www.penthouse.com/exc
  didi a écrit, le 19/08/03 23:25:44 :
  Avez vous de bonnes nouvelles de Louva, depuis l'espagne...merci de nous informer
  olivsan a écrit, le 22/07/03 00:47:01 :
  bravo en + les photos sont de tres bonne qualite bravo
  Mistress Indanthrone a écrit, le 16/07/03 14:57:36 :
  You are so beautiful. Good luck with the site. Respectxxxxxxx
  Mayaman a écrit, le 14/07/03 12:40:48 :
  Hi Louva When will it be possible to join the site? The free picks looks great, can't wait to join the site!! Keep up the great work! Mayaman www.menduza.com

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